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In a world with advanced atomically precise technology no one (no matter how remote) needs to run around without shoes anymore. On a sunny day anybody can create oneself a pair in a few hours out of nothing but molecules from the air (or out of prefabricated microcomponents from a public outlet, in case one is near to such infrastructure). To get one of these pocket sized production devices one goes to ones local community (or friends/family). They will (with little effort) use their production devices to make one for you. If one is located in a remote place without power supply and the production process progresses too slow, then one just makes some more solar cell foil first. The data for fulfilling basic needs and more can become free, open source, or ad-supported. Beyond that one will still need to pay some form of money for some proprietary luxury products (or truly massive things).

The prospective products of AP technology are a chance to solve the global problems of human civilization and to preserve and further enrich our world.

Reasons vs Actions

Despite the aforementioned reasons for APM public interest is declining (number of searches; newsgroup activity). Also in wide parts of the world the mere existence of APM is as good as unknown to the general public.

The reason for that development could be:

  • In the first attempt to get things going the front of the technology dependence graph may have not been advanced enough. So the funds accredited where annexed by strongly unrelated technologies now dubbed "Nanotechnology" (See: The five kinds of Nanotechnology). The rapid increase of non atomically precise technology ("nanotechnology") was drawing all attention away. Mangled with a politoeconomical conflict. See history.
  • A lack of a place where (1) the importance of AP Technology is explained, (2) exciting (but not so near term) motivational examples are given and at the same time (3) grounded technical aspects are shown.
    (This wiki you are reading right here is an attempt to create such a place.)


Some essays about why you should care.