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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.

Mechanical metamaterials are materials that emulate mechanical properties through structuring at smaller size-scales.

The complement to mechanical metamaterials are the non-mechanical metamaterials. These include:

Clear delineation to optical metamaterials:
The term "Metamaterial" without prefix is often used to refer to optical metamaterials. This may be because:

  • Many existing mechanical metamaterials already have a name and are not consciously recognized as such (see below)
  • More advanced mechanical metamaterials are maybe experimentally less accessible than optical metamaterials (questionable ...)



Known and existing cases of (passive) mechanical metamaterials are:

  • Chainmaille
  • Textiles
  • many natural materials produced by living organisms (bones with structured voids, naca with layered protein and minerals, ...)
  • .. there may be a few more that constitute whole different classes ??


Future mechanical metamaterials based on gemstone like compounds (in particular based on base materials with high potential)

Many unusual properties are (will be) possible.
For more examples see: Metamaterial#Examples


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