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If you really like this wiki please consider supporting
me the author Lukas M. Süss (aka mechadense) via patreon:

Support this wiki via Patreon.

What you support: New content

If you want to check for new content on the wiki options are:

  • Check the page Special:RecentChanges (link in the wikis sidebar too) – New pages marked with N.
  • Check the logs page. Though I'll put only major changes there and may miss some things.
  • Follow me on twitter @mechadense where I occasionally announce new pages.
  • Eventually I will make some videos: (my youtube channel)

I typically write on this wiki in bursts with pauses of varying length.
Just as inspiration and motivation hits and time is available.
So if nothing shows up on the Special:RecentChanges page then crank up the number of days.
If there's a gap of several month then something permanent might have happened to me 😬.

Spread the word

I'd be thankful if you'd help spreading the word about this wiki or specific pages of it.
But if you do so please only do so withing relevant context not spamming and annoying people.
Regrettably these days not regularly posting on social media it quickly becomes as if one does not exist.

Wiki Backups

Anyone taking backups of this site is highly appreciated!

You can draw a safety copy of the wiki for the internet archive here:

Last backup date was 2022-10-14

Contribute to the content

I appreciate all kinds of helpful productive feedback inputs.
For contacting me you can …

I eventually decided to make this wiki not open to direct public editing. Sorry.
I no longer plan to hand out accounts for direct edit access.

You may pre-write a media-wiki formatted page for this wiki (matching this wikis style)
but I absolutely can't guarantee for it's inclusion as-is or at all. Some more info is on the community portal page.

But If you really really want to edit all of the wiki directly then
you can fork the wiki from the backup. And prod me to update the backup.
It's licensed CC-BY-SA / GFDL after all.