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Orientation help for Contributors
Note: Due to excessive spam account creation has been blocked. Please send me a mail if you want one.

If you want to contribute something non technical or slightly off-topic please first turn to the general discussion page:

When you link from a serious page to a page containing speculations and or far off ideas please add the {{speculativity warning}} template.
It looks like this: Warning! you are moving into more speculative areas.
That is when exploratory engineering isn't properly applied.

Most valuable will be contributions that answer issues marked with "To investigate:" or "Todo:"
Please don't forget to add further "To Investigate:"'s and "Todo:"'s when further questions arise.
(TODO: "short description")
For small todos referring to this wiki use:
(wiki-TODO: "short description").

Attainment of atomically precise manufacturing (APM) is a interdisciplinary (and targeted) endeavor. The different areas of research and development that are necessary also require different levels of specialization of knowledge. Depending on your knowledge area and level you may contribute to different parts - look for what best suits you.

Improvement of technology level 0 to technology level I is the most important but also the hardest part. Also there is a gaping hole in technology level II. If you are a cross breed between scientist and engineer and have the possibility to do physical experiments in this area you are the ideal person for the job. A huge amount of (partly easier) preparatory work can be done for technology level III. If you have some technical expertises and consider yourself a Leonardo Davinci of the new age :) go looking there to help.

  • It's always good to try to split up ideas into their most atomic little pieces so that they can later-on be sorted and classified.

Readability should be preserved though, meaning the starting pages shouldn't become overloaded with too much highly specific information. They should be and stay enjoyable to read.

  • Please avoid personal opinions. Just add new ideas at the best fitting place as neutral as possible. If something in retrospect is found to be biased please leave a note or try to balance it.
  • Recommendation: If something is elegantly generalizable in most cases it's best to mention the common special case(es) before.
  • Redundant descriptions in different contexts make sense - it's good to link to a (possibly not yet existing) detailed common description page
  • avoid peacock terms - describe advantages tersely and soberly instead
  • avoid unformatted fact lists and empty headline skeletons
  • make the choice between formal and informal writing style ("one" vs "you") dependent of the seriouseness of the page (informal for highly speculative pages) and be consistent there.

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Further notes

For style questions refer to wikipedia. Singular or plural Capitalisation Footnotes Categories External links

In contrast to wikipedia original research is welcome here if explanation and reasoning seems plausible. original research

  • If you have *.svg images to upload note that those can't yet be displayed - for now please upload both the *.svg and a *.png and link the *.png on the page.
  • This site is not yet publicly advertised - the basic structure is in buildup phase - the sites url may change.
  • The sites admin is planning to make backups of this wiki publicly available

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