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Testing image layouts

several images side by side – center:
the steep direct path
the long incremental path

several images side by side – on the right:
the steep direct path
the long incremental path

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Test math

[math] \phi= \int_{-\pi}^{\pi}sin(x) dx [/math]

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Don't fall pray to the prime distractions.

Whats new on this wiki?

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Where we're at and where we're headed to.

Current state

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(wiki-TODO: make cutting edge info-box with: sketch of structural DNA hinge mechanism & atom placement demo)
(wiki-TODO: add infobox with structural DNA hinge left and atom placement example right – plus contxt images?)

Far term target

A personal desktop gem-gum factory that is in the process of extruding out some product. (Screencap collage of from concept video "Productive nanosystems")

The personal gem gum factory is:

  • Your personal device that can push out virtually every thing* of your daily use. (* at least every inedible thing)

The personal gem gum factory makes:

  • Your products that are as cheap as the abundant mining-free raw materials that it processes.
  • Your products that are far superior to today's best and ridiculously expensive high tech products.
  • Your products potentially in an environmentally friendly effluent free way
    (also advanced recycling is faster than producing from scratch)
Graphical Infosheets: [1] (work in progress)

(wiki-TODO: Nanofactory introduction infobox: both images need to go - (not anymore?)! make new better sketch of nanofactory - maybe add censored products pic - ditch or improve on covergent assemby)

What, Why, How, When

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Pick your favorite concern

This does not work because of ...
FrictionThermal motionThermodynamicsFat fingersSticky fingersChicken egg problemNature does it differentlyQuantum mechanics

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