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A Myth A Concept and An Idea

Miraculous Nanobots – A Widespread Myth

book cover
Screencap: My Little Pony: The Smooze

A viral idea that spread in the public consciousness.

Its about swarms of
"living" nanobots (nanobugs)
which spread uncontrolledly like pests.

Hoorofable: Grey Goo
"the unavoidable total apocalypse"
such a thing always sells well

Gem-Gum Pants-Pockets Factories – The Current Concept

book cover
Composition of screencaps from the video: "Productive Nanosystems"

A reliably predictable but hard to reach far term goal (since 1992) that is barely known.

In contrast to the mythology such a device can:

  • not "crawl away / buzz away"
  • not "devour" everything
  • not "mutate"

Molecular Assemblers – A Dated Idea

book cover
Screencap: BBC Horizon: "Nanoutopia" (1995)

An obvious bio-analogy (1986) from which the "Nanobug-Mythology" emerged.

The idea is dated since it turned out that assemblers

  • are significantly more difficult to reach – (but not fundamentally impossible)
  • would be pretty inefficient – (due to missing space inside for specialization)
  • are not desirable – (because of forms of grey goo that are toned down to more realistic levels)