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From Sci to Fi

Discussion of technologies that may or may not be enabled through advanced gemstone gum technology and the chances and dangers they may bring can be discussed here.
Please add them to the list of potential applications as short and concise as possible and link back here or to a new page to the apropriate section.
If the topic grows big you are welcome to create a new page and link it from here.

Please don't add technologies where there is no reason to believe that APM will help making them a reality like beaming of humans, warp drives, neutron star physics or the like. Also the effects of self improving artificial intelligence that might crop up in the future is of no concern here since exploratory engineering isn't really applicable there.

Discussion of speculative technologies

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Other stuff

More Fi than Sci: If in the not so near future for whatever reason carbon usage might become excessive - think mountain sized building structures. It might become wise to switch to silicon as the main structural material. An element that biology uses only in traces and an element from which so much is available that it can't be used up even if a barely gravitationally self supporting structure would be made that covers the whole earth.

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