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This article defines a novel term (that is hopefully sensibly chosen). The term is introduced to make a concept more concrete and understand its interrelationship with other topics related to atomically precise manufacturing. For details go to the page: Neologism.
Defining traits of technology level III
building method robotic control (machine phase)
building material minimal molecule fragments and single H atoms
building environment vacuum or noble gas
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previous step introduction of practically perfect vacuum
you are here Technology level III
basis for products diamondoid metamaterials
products further improvement at technology level III
This box is full of things made with future gemstone metamaterial technology. While we can already make out roughly what some products could look like their exact visual appearance for now remain censored and hidden for our still undeserving eyes.

Gemstone metamaterial technology (or gem-gum-tec for short) is the far term target technology of atomically precise manufacturing.

Gem-gum-tec as a technological target point worth aiming for …


This page will focus more on the products (artifacts of atomically precise technology)
rather the production devices (devices for atomically precise manufacturing)


See main page: Products of gem-gum-tec
Also related: opportunities and dangers

Products of gemstome metamatrial technology use gemstone like compounds as base materials but
vastly change their mechanical and other properties through nanostructuring into gemstone based metamaterials.
For the fundamental nature of products of this technology see: Defining traits of gem-gum-tech.

Some expectable properties of this technology on the base materials side:

  • A giant slew on new materials with from today's perspective very weird and unexpected properties.
  • Way more materials that are suitable for outdoor usage exposed to rainwater and sun.
  • Materials with combinations of properties that are thought to be impossible today
    E.g. Super-thought super-elastic elastic scratch resistant and heat transparent metamaterials.
  • extremely low density yet robust materials allowing for (very speculative) aerial meshes.

Some expectable properties of this technology on the materials side (near surface):

  • extremely bright displays with a much wider color gamut than what's possible today (2023)
    also passive reflective-color displays with video capability
    holographic capabilities (in the physically accurate meaning)

Some expectable properties of this technology on the products side:

Some expectable properties of this technology on the production machinery side:

  • Super-fast and local recycling by disassembling stuff only to the reusable microcomponent level rather than individual atoms.
  • Many public terminals for a global microcomponent redistribution system
  • Larger scale systems may take the manufacturing chips along with them.
    Like e.g. "growing roads" or sparse-scaffold mega-structures in shipyards for the maritime sea and outer space.

Production devices (also a product)

See main page: Gemstone metamaterial on-chip factories

Artifacts (products) of in-vacuum gem-gum technology are manufactured via robotic atomically precise pick and place manipulation of molecule fragments of a size ranging from one to a few atoms each (piezochemical mechanosynthesis). This happens in an environment "filled" with practically perfect vacuum. Following are a number of assembly steps at increasingly larger size scales. Thesee are the assembly levels of convergent assembly.

Products are assembled in advanced productive nanosystems.
These gem-gum factories may come in various form factors. Most promising candidate at the moment are gemstone metamaterial on-chip factories with an appropriate design that employs convergent assembly.



Here in this wiki "gem-gum tech" used without a prefix:

  • shall always refer to this technology operating in vacuum "in-vacuum gem-gum tech". (PPV in a gem-gum housing shell)
  • shall not refer to "in-solvent gem-gum tech"
    (an eventual precursor technology)

About the chosen name for this kind of technology (meta)

"In-vacuum gemstone metamaterial technology" is a novel term introduced on this wiki (2017).

Alternative older terms had one or many of the following problems:

  • they didn't exclude unrelated topics well (far too general and wide in scope)
  • they didn't capture the most important aspects of the technology well
  • they weren't catchy memorable and useably short

This situation led to problems in form of confusion and conflict in the past.
Introduction of the new terms should in general be kept to a minimum.
But in this case the new term seems well motivated and thus justified.

Motivations for the name

The "gem-gum" part of the name represents two core ideas:

1) The core idea that even when one can mechanosynthesize almost nothing (just a few simple base materials) one can make almost anything by mechanical emulation. Mechanical metamaterials. "gum" is just a shorthand for a concrete example of such a metamaterial that rhymes on "gem" which makes memorization a lot easier. Also it's an concrete example that's rather un-intuitive. Rubber made from gemstone. Which could peak interest (click-bait effect).

2) The core idea that gradually increasing the stiffness of the materials one builds with is the ultimate key to advanced mechanosynthesis. The term "gem" (short for gemstone - obviously) points exclusively to the stiff base materials of the far term target technology. This explicitly excludes early stage atomically precise manufacturing such as "structural DNA nanotechnology" which has no positional atomic precision and would be mushed in with other terms.

The "in-vacuum" part of the name narrows down further to materials that can only be synthesized in practically perfect vacuum.

See main page: The defining traits of gem-gum-tec

Modifications of the name

On this wiki "Technology level III" may sometimes be used synonymously for in-vacuum gem-gum technology.

By leaving out the "in-vacuum" part of the name (leaving only "gem-gum-tec") one can precisely widen the scope to include one technology level below. Namely (In-solvent gem-gum technology).

An other term occasionally used on the wiki to refer to gem-gum-tec is "advanced atomically precise technology". In-liquid gem-gum-tec may or may not be included dependent on context.