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A practically perfect vacuum (PPV) is needed by gem-gum technology since the the force applying mechanosynthesis that is synthesizing the crystolecules that form the basis of gem-gum technology needs it.

Currently impossible because ...

With current day technology (2021) it is not at all possible to reach a prefect vacuum. Limiting factors are:

  • gasses (like water vapour) adsorb onto surfaces when vented (and spoil the vacuum later)
  • gasses diffuse into material (especially at grain boundaries)
  • only large vessel sizes are possible

Becoming possible because ...

In gem-gum technology all these limitations are lifted.

  • very small vessel sized are possible (statistically ore likely that there is not a single atom in one vessel)
  • flawless single crystal walls in those nanoscale chambers have no grain boundaries
  • hydrogen passivated diamond chamber walls do not adsorb gasses well

Additionally strong open radical bond free gas molecule getter surfaces can be integrated.

(wiki-TODO: add a sketch about how small vessel size makes PPV in a vessel more likely)

Chicken egg problem

That leaves the problem of cyclic dependency:

Gem-gum technology:

  • is capable of creating PPV but it also
  • needs PPV to in its nanofactory manufacturing devices

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