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This article is speculative. It covers topics that are not straightforwardly derivable from current knowledge. Take it with a grain of salt. See: "exploratory engineering" for what can be predicted and what not.
This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.

  • A failure mode for concept pattern matching

(TODO: woven asymmetric tree illustration)


  • side-effect free (aka pure) functions as prerequisite of reversible computation as prerequisite for quantum computation as (one) basis of physics

  • "no true randomness" perspective or equivalently
  • "everything is a PRNG" perspective (potentially non-local) or equivalently
  • "all perceived randomness as just the lack of knowledge of how a complex situation came to be" perspective
  • physics: giant quantum random unknown origin gap

  • math/coding: very simple code can create very complex patterns (decompression/corecursion)
  • physics: very complex patterns can be reverse engineered to very simple (declarative timeless) code

  • looking deeper and deeper: maybe never-ending exceptions to the simple physical rules
  • looking to deep it seems to get complex again (particle zoo)

  • (the analogy between computational concurrency graphs and the light cone of special relativity)
  • how local crop-out of the code execution dependency graph that aren't big enough to cut through the most compressed locations
    turn very stateful and TRNG like in character.
  • fractal character of code execution dependency graph?

  • identification of cosmic spacetime horizons with most effectively compressed data funnel-throuh points of the (in effect equivalent) codes generating the universe
  • on the "impossibility" of bridging/crossing some high compression funnel gaps (e.g. quantum random gap) in the scope of the limits of existence of some observing entity
  • gravity as entropic force, and even other forces back-traceable to purely entropic origins (all a matter of viewpoint?) relation to dissipation sharing and backshootup.

  • whats spanning the gap between math and physics
  • math and physics -- arguments why one is more fundamental than the other and vice versa


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