Unnatural chemistry

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Can there even be such a thing as unnatural chemistry?
If anything can be then piezochemical mechanosynthesis will come the closest.

Natures chemistry is typically one of:

  • directred but not very high pressure – (natural catalysis in enzymes)
  • very high pressure but not directed – (natural piezochemistry in deep inside of planets and big moons)

Natures chemistry is typically not:

Enzymes barely do piezochemical mechanosynthesis

In nature enzymes do perform to some degree directed controlled motion to facilitate chemical reactions.
While the constrains can be quite strong (that can e.g. be seen in ion channels with stiff interiors that only let pass ions of a specific size)
the forces applied are necessarily rather limited due to the soft structural background framework that the folded protein constitutes. Weak hydrogen bonds.

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Natural piezochemistry comes only isotropic and hot

Naturally occurring really high forces in chemical bonds are involved deep down inside of planets. But there these forced always come as isoropic pressure from all sides and are usually accompanied with extremely high temperatures. Very different to what one would find in artificial piezochemical mechanosynthesis processes.

Other natural chemical processes that come close?

Are there any? It does not seem so.

Consequences of unatural chemistry

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