Thermally driven assembly

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Thermally driven assembly is also called called self assembly or brownian assembly (seldom)
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  • Today thermally driven assembly is already extensively used (e.g. structural DNA nanotechnology) this will continue onward into the early stages of the development of atomically precise manufacturing (APM).

Beside the actual function of the building block (structural element / machine element) completely unguided thermally driven assembly requires the building blocks to be have a unambiguous unique puzzle piece shape that completely determines its target position. (everything that can stick will stick)

  • Brownian assembly is generally slower then advanced directed assembly like mechanosynthesis. (numbers needed)
  • The ambient temperature dictates diffusion speed.
  • Lower dimensionality that is diffusion on a surface instead of a volume or on a line instead of a surface speeds up the process.
  • Dividing one long diffusion path to several shorter irreversible diffusion transport stretches speeds up the process.


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There's huge amount of literature on thermally driven assembly.