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This article is speculative. It covers topics that are not straightforwardly derivable from current knowledge. Take it with a grain of salt. See: "exploratory engineering" for what can be predicted and what not.
This box is full of things made with future technology. While we can see some rough things most details remain censored.

This page is about what products could become a reality once crystolecule metamaterial technology has been reached.

Some disclaimers and notes

The potential applications listed here

  • should only be taken as motivation for targeted development towards gemstone metamaterial technology and
  • should not be taken too seriously since this collection of examples will be very incomplete and in parts probably quite wrong.

Beware of intermixing:

Smart combinations of the gemstone based metamaterials are the basis for all the prospective technologies presented here.

Once basic gemstone based metamaterial manufacturing capabilities are reached, development into the vast space of possible products will actually only be at its very beginning.
A lot more programming work will be necessary after gemstone metamaterial on-chip factories have arrived.

List of potential applications

In depth discussion of individual technologies can be found on the hyperlinked dedicated pages.
Some things may be found on the general discussion page.

Note: the levels of likelihood are perceived rather subjective and blurry.
This is a bit problematic but there seems to be a need for classification.



very high likelyhood

  • fully automatic (and dirt cheap) miniature greenhouses -> reduction of land usage
  • metal free means of transport – (no molybdenum containing car frames needed; mossanite based mechanical metamaterial instead)
  • supercomputers in glasses and contact lenses – or rather these devices connecting to low power hyper-computers in smartphone format
  • dynamically adjustable glasses and gratis hearing aids
  • better alternative to open macroscale chains on bikes and motorcycles - (see: mechanical energy transmission cables)
  • extremely good thermal isolation for houses (thermos flask level)
  • a lot better prosthetics – pretty much indistinguishably from actual body-parts (if so desired)
  • very high density data storage – reliable for geological time scales
  • gauge blocks with lengths known down to the atom (thermal expansion ...) – well cosmic rays may spoil it over some time
  • gauge masses known to the single atom (good video: [1]) - isotope separation needs to be done
  • digital replacement for paper (equally thin and similar in look and feel) that gets widely adopted – highly crease resistant; bright passive color
  • excessively (digitally) adjustable tables, cupboards, shelfs, chairs, ...
  • nice cutlery - self resharpening – transparent blades (maybe with moving colorful iridescent marble like endorsements inside.
  • safer gas pipes - gas transported in microcapsules - (or energy transported via entropical storage solutions that freeze rather than go BOOM in case of big damage)
  • balloons that work without helium or hydrogen as lifting gas – a vaccum supported by filligree (bendable but not breakable) internal structures – the math for this works out it seems

high likelyhood

Infrastructure as encountered everyday:

Cryogenics at home:

  • non electrical quasi solid state heat pumps capable to generate cryogenic temperatures easily anytime anywhere (NOT referring to ulltra-low temperatures like the milli-kelvin range). Well ecapsuled for safety.
    That eventually could allow for small portable optical quantum computers. And certainly allows doing something with for supercoductors.

Gem gum suits for people:

  • very comfortable suits with passive thermo-regulation over a wide range of ambient temperature
  • skintight adaptive isolation clothing like a second skin possibly with remote tactile feedback and body cleaning function – (note functional composition limitation)
  • slightly thicker suits to survive in all types of weather Earth to offer over prolonged periods of time. Even after our CO2 escalation.

Equipment for survival in the wilderness:

  • minimal survival pack: a super-isolating tent as housing, water, and raw sugar – all synthesized from "thin" air and sunlight.
    – (maybe more types of food than just sugar, see: synthesis of food)

Mining and recycling:

  • local waste water treatment in your own basement – likely to be done but not easy to do (See: Atomically precise disassembly)
  • semi miniaturized oil refinement - likely to be done but not easy to do


  • seperation of isotopes by mass – testing by frequency-tuning / spinning / (shooting & deflecting ?)
    – (Prospect of people becoming capable making nukes in their garage from some raw ore is not so nice ... Prospect of getting rid of nuclear waste 100% by re-feeding to transmutation is nice ...)
  • small scale laser based particle accelerators – (video) – See: Optical_particle_accelerators

medium likelihood


  • super fast vacuum trains (needs to run straight for global scale distances -> legal issues)
  • Utility fog as: furniture, crash-cushions, malleable computer interface, wheelchair cloud, ... (specialized solutions may be preferred)
  • sliding windows to other places in the walls by drag-n-drop – quite interesting but maybe not too useful in most cases
  • most speculative potential applications
  • the more complex forms of injectable robotic medical devices (results of non mechanical technology path need to be mixed in)
  • and many more ...



Developments in medicine tend to require more scientific discoveries (e.g. the understanding of the interaction of the bodies proteins) often making [exploratory engineering] over longer stretches into the future impossible.

Technology Level 0 and I will also advance in a direction of biosystem improvement (technology path µ). Whether and how T.Level III machines will wield those more bio-mimetic tools is an question that will remain open for quite some time since this question it in essence goes backward the technology levels into the yet unknown gap.

  • respirocytes
  • ...

To see how applications can be used to solve pressing problems of our time go to the opportunities page.
Can one or more potential killer apps be identified?