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About concrete 3D geometry

A crystolecule routing station is very crudely visualized in the concept visualization video
Productive Nanosystems From molecules to superproducts
(Direct link to archived video – see 2:49 to 3:10)
(wiki-TODO: add screencap of routing system)

An actual implementation should be designed to take up a lot less volume.
(wiki-TODO: add existing idea sketches regarding the routing subsystem)

Abstract design considerations

Differences in routing-station-design for different assembly levels

Other assembly levels than the level between crystolecules and microcomponents that is routing crystolecules
may have routing stations too. But the may be quite different due to the different design requirements.

  • Below: Routing of moieties on tooltips
  • Above: routing of microcomponents – more part types with each lower numbers – more production that is already local - less need for routing

Factoring stuff in or out

Factored out from the routing station can be things like:

  • switch of attachment chain type
  • chain speed transition


In order for one locked pathway through the routing station to not stop the whole system redundancy needs to be built in.

This is covered in Nanosystems Fig 14.7
(in chapter 14.3.3. Redundancy, reliability, and system lifetimes)

  • fail-stop producer
  • fail-stop consumer

See: Redundancy