List of potential gemstone based metamaterials

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For a general discussion main go up to the main article: "Gemstone based metamaterial"

List of new materials / base technologies

The set of here presented meta-materials seems less speculative and more incomplete than the list of applications on the products page. It is sorted by design/programming effort which is rather subjective and subject to debate.

low effort

medium effort

  • artificial muscles with higher power densities than today's combustion engines. They can replace today's (2014) electrical motors that often use the not too abundant/accessible rare earth elements.
  • absolutely silent (macro motionless) pumps a "pumping material" with no movable parts which are visible to the naked eye.
  • cells for the direct conversion from mechanical to chemical energy and vice versa (chemomechanical converters).
  • super-fast shearing valves
  • material structuring into microcomponents for recycling and recomposition
  • structures borrowed from origami techniques
  • tensegrity structures.
  • emulated color -- local control makes that a display, light emitting systems might be more heterogenous (lasers?)
  • transformer metamaterials: purely mechanical pulse width modulation and other materials for energy conversion
  • transparent cloth with switchable stiffening e.g. for a helmet of an AP suit (interspersed multi-function metamaterial?)
  • density shifting via translocation of mass carriers (possibly carrying lead atoms in diamiondoid form)

high effort

  • "elastic diamond" (made possible through the implementation as a semi active metamaterial)
  • maximizing emulated toughness ("beefy" that is much volume occupying dissipation elements are needed - how far can be gone with active high power cooling ?)
  • materials with choosable / adjustable stress-strain diagram (emulated elastoplasticity)
  • actively self cleaning surfaces (no "stupid" lotus effect meant here) (macroscopic shell cleaning)
  • self repairing materials and self repairing macroscopic machine parts - no decay through weather or root growth.
  • combinations of several metamaterial properties that don't get too well together
  • .... and many more