High performance of gem-gum technology

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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.

This page is about collecting and listing various aspects and performance parameters where future gemstone metamaterial technology
will have the potential to vastly outperform anything that we have today (time of writing 2021).

High performance from geometric scaling laws

The scaling law of higher throughput of smaller machinery, combined with other effects listed further below,
effectively overcompensates the scaling law of higher total bearing surface area of smaller machinery
that would, on its own, degrade performance by causing huge friction losses.
Related: Scaling laws

High performance from nanoscale specific properties

High performance of metamaterials

Ludacrisly high potential power densities:

Unfortunately this does not apply to energy densities:
Unlike with power densities, energy densities won't see an in improvement of orders of magnitude.
Today's (2021..) chemical energies are already near the ultimate limit.

That is unless some very very surprising physics gets to be very unexpectedly discovered.
We absolutely won't make such fantastic assumptions on this wiki.
The baseline for assumptions on this wiki is the complete polar opposite.
The baseline is exploratory engineering.

High performance of base materials

Related: The three stabilities – chemical, thermal, mechanical

  • Highly (bio)degradable base materials (where appropriate). See: Recycling


Performance of piezochemical mechanosynthesis

Piezochemical mechanosynthesis#Surprising facts:
Reactions do not need to be highly exothermic to have low error rates.
When heavily optimized and slowly operated astoundingly high efficiencies may be reachable.

Fundamental limits