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Carrier pellets are adapters between means of transport (e.g. molecular conveyor belts) and the sub product parts being transported.

Disassemblable DME size level pellet chains can be build in a compact fashion by using simple puzzle tile style Van der Waals interlocking. To avoid very seldom but in large systems possible present [todo make estimate] accidental thermally agitated slideout non contacting (and thus non friction inducing) sidward walls can be placed.

In an other design for simple random pellet access axles coul be used for driving the pellets and displacable sideward with engraved rails could be used for deflecting pelets into another path.

Carrier pellets may have some similarity to types in functional programming languages. Pellet carrying pellets may make sense in certain situations.

Pellets can provide plane surfaces for vacuum lockout.

Moiety carrier pellets

Used to deliver moieties from the sorting mills through the tooltip preparation zone to the mechanosynthesis cores.

con: avoidance of low level steering
pro: very complicated tooltip preparation graphs even for basic diamondoid mechanosynthesis

DME carrier pellets

DME carrier pellets are necessary for redundant DME routing and delivery to the DME assembly robotics.

Microcomponent carrier pellets

Due to the vanishing masses in small scales microcomponent carrier pellets can be made much smaller than microcomponents (around DME carrier pellet size?)

Other cases where pellets are of use

Capsule transport: