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For nanofactories to be able to put human scale objects together atom by atom in reasonable timespans they need to place atoms at mind boggling rates.


Assuming f0 = 1MHz atom placement frequency per mechanosynthesis core how many cores (Ncore) does one need to reach the desired throughput of Q0 = 1kg/h ?
Ncore = Q0 / (mC * f0) = ~1.4*1015 cores (about an 1.4 Petacore system). (mC … mass of carbon atom.)
A core size of ~(32nm)3 = ~32000(nm3) seems to be a sensible guess for advanced APM systems.
All the cores together then take a volume of size ~45(mm3) = ~ 45microliters.
This can be spread out plenty to remove high levels of waste heat.
The effective atom placement frequency in this system is f0*Ncore = 1.4*1021 atoms per second (1.4ZHz – quite mind boggling) (>> 109 Atoms/second).

Early mechanosynthetic systems will be several orders of magnitude lower in throughput though.

  • They will have low temporal placement frequency
  • they may be only two dimensional
  • but they'll be already massively parallel