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This might be one of the most important pages of the whole wiki.
Kinda like a getting started page.

Here you go. Drill down with "laser focus" if you are that type of person.
"Laser focus" – The un-word of 2021. This wiki would never have been written if the author had a "laser focus".

Top level overview pages

Some semi-random specific areas

Part of the incremental path:

Related to the direct path:

  • Experimental demonstrations of covalent tooltip chemistry beyond the quite limited very basic things already shown.
  • Theoretical expansion tooltip chemistry beyond a focus on carbon (e.g. silicon)
  • Improvements on scanning probe microscopy – in particular miniaturization while keeping resolution ...

Interestingly nanoscale analytics (checking out made stuff)
seems to be a bigger challenge than nanoscale synthesis (making stuff).

Avert the direct path taken literally (?)

Attempting to actually follow the direct path as proposed
(See: Molecular assembler; and "Primitive Nanofactory Design by Chris Phoenix - October 2003" – Discussion of proposed nanofactory designs),
instead of cherry picking sub-problems that can later be used in the incremental path,
seems way too difficult. A least it looks this ways at the moment (2021).
So the author would currently rather advise against it.