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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.


(TODO: discuss major ones here)

Carbon group / group IV / group 14 oxides

  • CO2 normally the well known gas but highly explosive when in solid sp3 form (analog to quartz)
  • SiO2 quartz and its various known polymorphs (~Mohs 7)
  • GeO2 argutite Mohs 6-7 -- germanium is a rather rare element!
  • SnO2 cassierite Mohs 6-7
  • PbO2 [1] -- alpha-PbO2 scrutinyite -- beta-PbO2 plattnerite (TODO: find out Mohs hardness of PbO2 minerals)

(All those have rutile structure. See page about silicon.)
(TODO: Here maybe some pseudo phase diagrams can be made.)


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