Microcomponent subsystems

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A good design goal is to aim to make systems of diamondoid - microcomponents mergable such that many kinds of diamondoid metamaterials can freely be interspersed and more complex microcomponent subsystems can be interwoven.

As concrete example one can adjust the ratio between energy storage and energy conversion microcomponents depending whether one prefers more energy storage density or more output power density.

Microcomponent subsystems can be homogenous or heterogenous.

Homogenous microcomponent subsystems are basically diamondoid metamaterials. If the identical and seperable base units are simple they can be rather small - way smaller than a typical microcomponent. Either one treats those base units individually or one groups them together to chunks that have the typical microcomponent size. This can be done by adding arbitrary marks or enforcing a certain assembly/disassembly order by an appropriate hirachical shape locking design.

Examples for heterogenous subsystems are: