Dynamic rebootstrapping of upper convergent assembly levels

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Artistic interpretation of a future gem-gum tentacle manipulator, macroscopically soft and smooth, but nanoscopically made up out of crystolecules forming the various gem-gum metamaterials nnecessary to make up the manipulator. That is: soft-core macrorobots with hard-core nanomachinery.

Many gemstone metamaterial on chip factory will come in the form of mobile portable devices (From tablet to smartphone to key-fob size. See: Form factors of gem-gum factories.).

Higher convergent assembly levels up into the meso and macroscale can be quite useful if only simple reconfigurations of poroducts are desired. No need to disassembly something down to microcomponents when one only wants to switch around say macroscopic wheels.

The problem

Robotics of highest assembly levels reaching far into macroscale is quite voluminous though since

That would make cube like boxes which are not very portable.

The solution

Spawn the uppermost macroscale assembly levels on demand.
This could be done by air pressure inflation and origami like folding.
See: Gem-gum balloon products and Multi limbed sensory equipped shells.
Or by (re)composing of microcomponents of an amount way lighter than the parts that are about to be handled.

Very fast dynamic on demand deployment could e.g. work like this:

Gem-gum tentacle manipulators are:

Beside just pick and place. fast part streaming assembly is a possibility.

Relation to bootstrapping

While lower assembly levels deploy higher assembly levels here, this is quite different to the situation in bootstrapping towards advanced productive nanosystems.

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The "magic" general-purpose microbot solutions: