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This article defines a novel term (that is hopefully sensibly chosen). The term is introduced to make a concept more concrete and understand its interrelationship with other topics related to atomically precise manufacturing. For details go to the page: Neologism.

A neo-polymorphic crossover between diamond and lonsdaleite.
Allowing for complex intermixing of cubic zincblende strzucture and hexagonal wurzite structure.
Other stacking orders than ABAB are ABCABC are allowed.
If not all stacking planes are coplanar controlled faults must be integrated.

Prototypical dialondeite could have a stacking order of ABABCABABC.
But many other stacking orders are possible.
E.g. the stacking orders naturally found in moissanite could be recreated.

More complex structures like this:

  • can give advantages in changing directions in structural frameworks without introducing any internal strains – (elegant design)
  • can give larger scale monolithic parts (which one usually would want to avoid in the first place) higher toughness
  • can ...

As there is a special axis for the stacking planes dialondeite is more anisotropic than diamond.