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There are three hirachies. The virtual design levels need to be mapped to the physically computing control levels which then need to be mapped to the physically producing assembly levels.

This gives an extremely big design space.

Design levels

Starting with very high level programming languages going down a decompression chain to low level signals.

  • high language 1: functional, logical, connection to computer algebra system
  • high language 2: imperative, functional
  • constructiv esolid geometry graph (CSG graph), parametric surfaces
  • quadrik nets C1
  • triangle nets C0
  • toolpaths
  • Primitive signals: step-signals, rail-switch-states, clutch-states, ...

Note that there is a second target for the decompression chain. In the development process. Virtual visualizations are necessary.

Control levels

  • Central computer
  • semi local nanoelectronics
  • local nanomechanics

Assembly Levels

The physical assembly process. Main article: Assembly levels