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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.
This article defines a novel term (that is hopefully sensibly chosen). The term is introduced to make a concept more concrete and understand its interrelationship with other topics related to atomically precise manufacturing. For details go to the page: Neologism.

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  • A "spring" in a box that does not bend bonds slightly but use them to their full extent, that is break them fully.
  • Basically a direct application of chemomechanical converters (same issue with structural passive material overhead)
  • Problem of "Low" energy absorption limit of crystolecule springs
  • Maximizing metamaterial toughness
  • dissipation into heat possible but wasteful (not a spring)
  • Packaged in microcomponents?
  • Reason for refrainment from using elastomers: Consistent design for external limiting factors
  • Macroscale crash shock absorption: what normally goes into plastic deformation heat (picture crushed metal in a car crash test) goes into cool (reversible) bond breaking.
  • More complex direction independent (anisotropic) design in Elasticity emulation.
  • controllable lock and release