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The diamondoid atomically precise manufacturing and technology (DAPMAT) demo project collection. A collection of projects conducted by Lukas M. Süss (aka mechadense).

The collection is an attempt to raise awareness of the possibilities and challenges arising from the upcoming revolution with advanced atomically precise manufacturing.

It is meant for the creation of a collection of 3D printable models that:

  • Demonstrate functional parts that are likely to be useful in advanced diamondoid nanofactories.
  • Illustrate principles that are of importance in advanced diamondoid nanofactories.

(TODO: add a picture of the whole printed collection)


Unless otherwise noted all images are under CC BY license. You may use my full real name my pseudonym or both as you see fit for the situation.


Those are also very helpful for everyday macroscale 3D printing projects.

Cycloidical gears as rough approximation for atomic gears

library for cycloidical gears

Screw library allowing soft tooth profiles approximating atomic scale crystolecule screws

  • Work in progress ...
Screw library demo output

(TODO: finish and publish - for now upload screenshot)

Models which are useful in macroscale too

Microcomponent models

Shape locking

Stiff rods

In plane flexible chains

Reinforcement core chain and spanners

  • work in process

Infinitesimal bearing

  • old and new model - work in progress (TODO: improve and publish 3D-model)
  • (TODO: present purely rolling nonsliding concept too)
  • animated demonstration of principle
(TODO: publish 3D-model)
view full sized to see animation

Constant velocity joints

Complete set of passive elements for mechanical circuits sub-projects

Mechanical distribution node

A 1:1:1:1:... differential gear assembly this is essentially the mechanical equivalent of a trivial electrical solder junction (TODO: improve and publish)

Spring (as analogy to electrical capacitor)

  • (TODO: Upload screenshot for now)

Flywheel (as analogy to electrical inductor)

  • (TODO: make a model)

Demonstrations of principles

Convergent assembly visualizations

Bottom layers and convergent assembly layers.JPG

(TODO: more realistic with only a single bigger step visible)

Vacuum management

  • novel lockout mechanism (TODO: publish) -- on flickr: [1] [2] See: "Vacuum handling" for details.
  • progressing cavity pump (TODO: publish)

Fractal metamaterial redundancy principle

  • How metamaterials can create reduncancy
(TODO: add image of published 3D-model)
Crystal muscle - redundant fractal design.svg

Reversible mechanosynthesis

An illustration of the basic principle for reversible mechanosynthesis.

(TODO: Publish 3D-model)
Reversible mechanosynthesis principle.jpg

Crystolecules - Designs finer than the bulk limit

Drexlers big bearing

Drexlers Big Bearing - photo of 3D printed model.JPG

Fractal tetrapod design