Separation of concerns

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In protein folding

Changing one side-chain on a protein to change a specific function
can often change conformation and function of the protein at a completely different site.
This is either ...

  • ... a case of bad separation of concerns (that is tolerable for the host organisms species survival) or
  • ... a case of separation of concerns at a higher level of abstraction that we do non yet understand

Both cases can pose interesting research problems but
neither case is useful for fast targeted development.

That is why stiff predictable folding protein motifs are of especial interest.
Prootein that are rather insensitive to local changes.
See: De-novo protein engineering

In design of artificial advanced productive nanosystems

Separation of concerns is highly desirable for

  • better testability that is: easier narrowing down of bugs and
  • better system comprehesability

In evolution and life

See: Decompression chain#Philosophical


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