Nanomechanic circuits

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A subset is: Nanomechanical computation

Systematic circuit design

How can methods from electronics be used to systematically design nanomechanic "circuits" ?
Diamondoid molecular element#Sets

Pulse with modulation

Main article: "Mechanical pulse width modulation"

For the mechanical analogies to:

  • adjustable DC/DC converter
  • constant current source

There are complex mechanical devices which cheat a bit:

  • bicycle type gear transmission
  • clock escapement

It should be possible to implement these functionalities in analogy to electric systems from components that are more basic in function (differentials, springs, flywheels, ... instead of solder-points, capacitors, inductors, ...) [Todo: design/create a mechanical construction set providing these elements] Both aforementioned electronic devices are based on pulse width modulation if they ought to be efficient / near lossless (which is paramount for nanomechanics). So this leads to the question how would purely mechanical pulse with modulation look like? The mechanical devices that cheat a bit might work better and will almost certainly be much more compact. Nontheless analysis of this might still lead to something of of educational value.

Replacing big masses with small springs?

Can inertial masses or flywheels be emulated by springs like inductances can be emulated by transistors with lossless gyrators (made from transconductors?) Transconductors seem to need need constant current sources that need inductors if they ought to be lossless. (circular dependency??)

Logic circuits in general

  • Ternary logic: It is not so hard to implement mechanically - it seems that pros an cons pretty much balance each other out. [Todo: recheck a certain researchers work and put more detailed results here]
  • peadic numbers: IIRC There is a link to arbitrary precision computing IIRC
  • non naive multiplier networks are non trivial [Todo: check whether a mechanical demo model can be built from mechanical gates without too much effort]