Nanobot swarms

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APM is like swarms of "nanobots" - wrong

The main body of AP systems and products will be bulk materials produced by nanofactories. Loose autonomous units for productive purposes or only for applicative purposes (where loose means unconnected & floating in air or water or "crawling" on surfaces applicable e.g. in form of sprays) are unpractical in relation to nanofactories.

All kinds of loose units out of diamond like materials may pose environmental problems since spill of non-dissolving non-rotting material into the biosphere can have detrimental effects on many organisms for a long period of time.

Loose units should thus be used only in limited ways by non rouge actors where there are no other options. One such case are medical purposes. They are somewhat of an exception. Their bio-compatible products don't resemble the productive units themselves thus they can be made devoid of any self replication capability.

Pretty advanced APM systems (way beyond basic advanced APM systems) make swarms of loose productive units undeniable possible but they are over- and most often misrepresented in current media. SciFi is regularly painting unrealistic pictures of the classic dystopia.