Multi criterion file system

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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.

A concept for a "file system" which allows to sort "folders" in multiple "super-folders" (no asymmetries)

(TODO: elaborate on the problems and opportunities)

The bad

The "solutions" that are none

File system links (soft and hard), Tags, Metadata, indexed search, ... are all hacks that only mend the symptoms of the core problem.

Link embedding vs data embedding

  • (TODO: use incscape and scribus as examples)

The good

  • same data in multiple projects – manumatic update distribution
  • Orthogonalized: locality management, importance management (backup degree), ...
  • reconstructability of lost paths to files

(TODO: elaborate on "backward hierarchical multi project image preview.")


Wikis come closest to a solution but:

  • they don't integrate media well - no spontaneous scribble & free drag-and-drop like in linear note taking software
  • they are not fine grained enough - not for files.
  • they are not low level enough. They do not form a file system (proliferation of abstraction layers).