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CPK model of carbon dioxide

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A carbon dioxide collector unit is an autonomous devices that can remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Further it can navigate from and back to its home haven. Carbon dioxide collector units do only collect carbon dioxide and rearrange it to energy carrying acetylene molecules (employing solar energy) but do not use it for mechanosynthetic fabrication of products. That is they do not have a nanofactory on-board. It would be possible but also unnecessary and dangerous (see replication hexagon). The nanofactory or microcomponent recomposer for production of more buoys is instead located at the home haven. Particularly they cant make copies of themselves they can't self replicate.

[carrying capacity; return frequency]


Atmospheric carbon dioxide can also be gathered directly from a the nanofactory that is going to use the carbon. This method is slower but especially mobile devices could balance out excess energy from the feedstock molecules that way instead of just producing just an intense stream of hot air. This would be even more important for mobile devices in a vacuum (space) where excess heat can only be radiated away.

[todo: how is the average energetics from crude oil to diamondoid products - can oil bound carbon be used to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?]