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When it comes to knowledge in general one can categorize it into four areas:

  • 11 known knowns
  • 10 known unknowns
  • 01 unknown knowns
  • 00 unknown unknowns
  • and maybe a stray falling outside the matrix: 0x unknown whether known or unknown

These categories are relative. What is an unknown known for group A can be a known known for group B.

Relation to APM

When it comes to knowledge about APM and if one looks at society as a hole or more narrowly even if one looks only at experts in fields that are thematically near to APM then currently (2018) there's a lot of of knowledge that is not present in both public and expert awareness. We have the situation 01: unknown knowns.

These unknown knowns can make it very difficult for someone knowing these unknown knowns to have productive discussions. In particular if many/most of the known knowns for the presenter are still unknown knowns in the audience it is difficult to point efforts towards 10 the known unknowns that need to be resolved to have progress beyond the current state.

In this situation it is important to first focus making the unknown knowns to known knowns before going on discussing the known unknowns. (Progress in perception).


The buildability knowability matrix:

  • buildable and knowable (regime of well understood engineering)
  • buildable and not knowable ("black magic" technology that works by lucky accident and no one has any clue how to improve it)
  • not buildable and knowable (regime of results of exploratory engineering)
  • not buildable and not knowable (regime of technology that physics allows but of which we don't know of)

See: Possibility space / Tour by map

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