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Video: "Clasp: Common Lisp using LLVM and C++ for Molecular Metaprogramming" [1]
Published on Jun 15, 2015 – Google Tech Talk – June 9, 2015 – Presented by Christian Schafmeister.

This video also brings up topics like:

  • The importance of stiffness – double linked backbones prevent rotations making resulting structures much easier to desing and more predictable
  • Iterative design of early forms of Kaehler brackets
    optimization of a stiff backbone to get functional groups as close as possible to a fixed predefined configuration (that may have been stolen from a natural protein)
  • General software issues – programming language limitations, the dreaded interface problem,
    "deforresting" unnecessary computer algebra reevaluations (a problem also showing up in volumetric 3D modelling aka distance field based 3D modelling; Design levels),
    the need for derivation towers (scalar,vector,tensor) (automatic derivation - links to Conal Elliotts work)
  • Going deep down the rabbit-hole to reach a far term target (in an highly non-obvious way for outsiders).
    Sidenote: That's exactly where natural evolution has severe limitations.
  • Invention (and market introduction) of covalent protein crosslinking technology
  • Bootstrapping of the synthesis of the fundamental spiroligomer building blocks
  • The "indestructibility" of spiroligomers raise the issue of the waste problem with POPs (persistent organic pollutants) -- See: Recycling
  • The suspected lignin pileup in the Carboniferous epoch of earths history.
  • The talk doesn't look beyond towards gemstone based systems as far term goal. Partially brownian technology path?