Energy extraction

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How advanced atomically precise technology can be used to make natures energy useful for human civilisation.

Note: The somewhat unususal term energy extraction was choosen as title for this page since energy production or power generation does'nt fit the first law of thermodynamics (wikipedia) (energy cannot be produced or generated from nothing it only can be converted or "extracted" and put elsewhere.

Terminology: The commonly used term "Energy production" has been avoided here because there is no such thing as energy production (first law of thermodynamics). Same for destruction. What there is is energy devaluation - conversion of usable free energy into unusable bond energy via mixing (increase in enrtopy). Energy revaluation (generation of usable free energy from demixing of unusable bound energy) does not happen ever (second law of thermodynamics). Uncontrollable (often destructive) demixing does happen though especially in the nanoscale (recurrence theorem). The is maybe one demixing event that is very special - marking the beginning of our time - See: Big bang as spontaneous demixing event. Warning! you are moving into more speculative areas.. It seems relaxation (remixing) of spontaneous demixing events can produce interesting patterns - among them: us.