Distorted visualization methods for convergent assembly

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To get a complete picture of the physical layout of all the assembly levels of the convergent assembly in a nanofactory (which might be organized in a stack of coplanar layers) and see all of this in one single image at one glance one needs to project space in a nonlinear way.
Normal perspective (a linear projection) is unsuitable since it compresses most details towards the horizon. Instead a nonlinear polar logarithmic mapping is the best fit.

An additional difficulty is that a nanofactory as opposed to a map is inherently three dimensional so some cross cut has to be chosen. Whether that cross cut can be simply planar or not depends on the exact design choices taken in a concrete nanofactories design.

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    by Joachim Boettinger et. al.
    Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Konstanz, Germany
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distortion lens view; log-polar map; complex logarithmic map, complex logarithmic view, anamorphic mirror, anamorphosis