Misleading biological analogies that should be avoided

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This article is a stub. It needs to be expanded.

Concepts around APM have at least as much difference as they have overlap with biological concepts. Using biological terms makes one see only the overlaps and overlook the differences. Biological analogies usually leads to a very flawed and twisted picture of APM systems. The following list below can be used as a starting point for a dictionary. If you think of the left you might want to use the right instead.

  • whomb -- building chamber / mechanosynthetic core
  • reproduction -- replication
  • grow(th/ing) -- build(ing) up
  • seed of ... -- proto ...
  • ingestion / eating -- take in
  • excretion / (you can guess) - expulsion
  • metabolism -- resource management / material management / recycling
  • limbs / arms / legs -- manipulators / grippers / linkages / ...