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Mechanosynthesis in general

Mechanosynthesis: In Nanosystems a definition with very loose requirements is given:
"molecular synthesis directed by mechanical means"
And it was really meant this general way as can be seen on the page "Pathway controversy".

Piezochemical mechanosynthesis

But the term mechanosynthesis later often got used to exclusively refer to
piezochemical mechanosynthesis (which is positional assembly plus piezochemistry).

Non-piezochemical mechanosynthesis

"Mechanosynthesis" can also refer to processes that involve positional assembly alone without piezochemistry.

On historic accidental terminology annexation and consequences

It seems that by other (later) authors it has been and often is assumed that there needs to be an applied force involved such that an assembly method qualifies as mechanosynthesis. (Which kind of makes sense since the "synthesis" part in the name seems to be pointing to chemistry of single bonds. Going beyond just pick and place of AP blocks.)

That is the term "mechanosynthesis" is often used to exclusively refer to advanced mechanosynthesis in late and middle stages of the development process. But in the sense of the original definition it can also encompass something like the core step in the synthesis of proteins by ribosomes because there is at least some "direction by mechanical means" involved.

The problem

With terminology that is interpreted by different audiences in different
mutually inconsistent inconsistently discussion of ideas becomes harder and more confusing.
This may hamper and even inhibit progress.

Possible ways around the terminology dilemma

  • Let's try to avoid speaking about mechanosynthesis in an unqualified way.
  • Let's try to be more specific as much as this is possible.

Being more specific:

When talking about mechanosynthesis in early stages of the development process some term like "guided AP-block assembly" could be used.
Check out "method of assembly".


Alternative terms for "piezochemical mechanosynthesis" could be:

  • high force applying mechanosynthesis
  • force applying mechanosynthesis
  • "force-synthesis" or "force-chemistry" ... ??