Alternatives to the term "Nanofactory"

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Some possible alternatives for nanofactory are:

  • gem-gum-(pocket/desktop/mini)-factory ... gem-gum for gemstone-rubber a special case of a diamondoid metamaterial
    - easy to say and remember - avoids "diamond" in its name - as a bonus the seeming contradiction may sparks interest
  • gemstone gum factory
  • diamondoid metamaterial factory ... good since it exclusively use terms that are already circulating - but long
  • jewel rubber factory
  • gemstone factory ... less complete than the one before
  • atomically precise small scale factory ... accurate but probably too much of a mouth full - won't be adopted
  • atomically precise 3D printer ... (potentiality raises further misconceptions)
  • personal fabricator ... analogous to PC but way too unspecific
  • living room factory
  • mini factory

Motivation for the current winner for this APM wiki website

Note: the term "gem gum (pocket/desktop/mini) factory" is novelly introduced here in the hope that it avoids the shortcomings of other existing terms that are currently in use.

  • Unlike the term "nanofactory" the term "gem gum factory" is able to sufficiently characterize what constitutes the device and its products by giving an example . That is it doesn't use the generic "nano" label and is thus harder to be devoided of its meaning by massive off-topic use.
  • The term is short enough to stay unabbreviated and so doesn't loose its meaning that way.
  • The seeming contradiction between "gem" and "gum" hopefully spawns some interest.
  • The term its rather catchy with the one letter change from gem to gum.

The term "personal" that seemingly contradicts the term "factory" can be added to highlight the societal aspect of these devices. Using the term "fabricator" instead of "factory" removes that seeming contradiction and should thus probably be avoided.