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This site is run by / Diese Website wird verwaltet von:

Lukas M. Süss
Remove all the parenthesis: (this) lukas (line) . (contains) suess (my) @ (mäil) gmx (!) . at
Physical address and phone number on mail request with reason.

Homepage of this wiki's author (on github via Zim wiki-software):

current personal online presence central

Topic: wiki about advanced nanotechnology
Gegenstand: wiki über fortgeschrittene nanotechnologie

This site is currently hosted by: www.bplaced.net
A server located in Austria.

If there are some serious problems with this website please inform me ASAP.

If you are searching a fitting forum to this wiki look here: www.sci-nanotech.com (managed by Jim Logajan)
AFAIK this is the only topically accurate forum in existence today (2015-09 ... 2018-05)